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Volcano number: 263180
Region: Indonesia
Country: Indonesia
Geodetic measurements? Yes
Deformation observation? Yes
Measurement method(s): InSAR
Duration of observation: 06/2006-06/2009; 01/2007-12/2008
Inferred cause of deformation: Magmatic
Characteristics of deformation:

While neither study was focused on this volcano, Slamet was included in both the 2006-2009 ALOS study of West Sunda, and the 2007-2008 PALSAR interferometric study of the island of Java performed by Chaussard & Amelung and Philibosian & Simons, respectively.
Both surveys noted significant deformation at the volcano during the study periods; over the three years of observation, Chaussard & Amelung recorded a total uplift of 12.2cm at the volcanic edifice, at the relatively constant rate of 6.8cm/yr. However, the rate of deformation tapered significantly between early-mid June 2009, during which time Slamet experienced a series of small explosive eruptions.
Philibosian & Simons’ results corroborate these observations, though their measurement of net uplift at the volcano is slightly smaller than that of Chaussard & Amelung – approximately 5cm of displacement over the two year period (2007-2008), at a greatly reduced rate of 3cm/yr.
Both studies agree that the deformation at Slamet was magmatic in origin, and almost certainly linked to the 2009 eruptions. Philibosian & Simons estimate that their observed deformation signals are most accurately modelled by an injection of magma into a shallow source of approximately 1.5km depth, amounting to a volume increase of 5 × 105 m3.

References: 'Chaussard, E. and Amelung, F. 2012. Precursory inflation of shallow magma reservoirs at west Sunda volcanoes detected by InSAR. Geophysical Research Letters, 39 (12)', 'Philibosian, B. and Simons, M. 2011. A survey of volcanic deformation on Java using ALOS PALSAR interferometric time series. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 12 (11). DOI: 10.1029/2011GC003775'
Location: 109.208, -7.242000000000001