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Volcano number: 264010
Region: Indonesia
Country: Indonesia
Geodetic measurements? Yes
Deformation observation? No
Measurement method(s): InSAR
Duration of observation: 2017 to 2017
Inferred cause of deformation: []
Characteristics of deformation:

The 2017 eruption of Agung observed an uplift between Agung and Batur volcanoes. However, there is no significant ground displacement detected at Batur during the period of observation between April and November 2017 (Albino et al. 2019).

References: 'Albino, F., Biggs, J., & Syahbana, D. K. (2019). Dyke intrusion between neighbouring arc volcanoes responsible for 2017 pre-eruptive seismic swarm at Agung. Nature communications, 10(1), 748.'
Location: 115.375, -8.242